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Once In A Lifetime Durability Guarantee (OLDG)


~Once In a Lifetime Durability Guarantee~

~Pilot G2 Pen Beaded Cases~

I am so confident in my construction methods that I offer this Guarantee with my Pilot G2 Pen Wraps!

You will receive a hand numbered (OLDG) certificate along with your FREE Velvet Gift Bag and the pen itself. KEEP this document with important papers for safe keeping! Without this document your durability Warranty is not valid. I personally hand sign and number all of the certificates and I record them along with the pens information at the time of sale and shipping.

If at any time in your lifetime, your pen case breaks or comes undone some how, PLEASE keep as many beads you can, remove the remaining threads and pen sleeve from the pen itself, put those beads and the remaining thread work with attached beads into a basic USPS Mail envelope, and mail it to me WITH the hand numbered (OLDG) Certificate! I will verify your Certificate with my receipt for the sale of the Pen, and then work the item into my work schedule! I will use the beads you return to reconstruct/rebuild your pen case, and return it to you as quickly as possible! Please ensure that at least half or 50% of the beads are returned if possible. There must be enough thread remnants and beads returned to me for me to be able to identify the case and initial design itself! This OLDG Warranty covers the pens beaded case/sleeve ONLY! No other parts of the pen are covered. You will be responsible for shipping however that should only be the cost of a few regular postage stamps! =0)


This Warranty is for Pilot G2 Pen Hand Beaded Case/Sleeves created by Shaun Aranda of BuildMeABear.Biz and does not cover other items. If other items are covered by this Warranty they will be identified as such(OLDG) in the Stores listing!

Barring any serious misuse or accidental snags your pen sleeve should last for years to come! Just remember to be gentle when removing the sleeve for cleaning or transferring it to another pen and you should be GREAT!!

Thank you for considering to purchase on of my Beautiful Pens! Happy Shopping and God Bless!


Your (OLDG) Warranty card will be laminated, personalized with your information on the reverse side of it, and will be hand numbered and signed by me! This is what you should expect to see!! =0)