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About Us

Hello and thank you for stopping by! My name is Shaun Aranda and I am the owner and operator of this proud Black, Navy Veteran owned store!  =0)

My partner Axle and I were married in October of 2020 and have been together going on 9 years!! We believe that love is love and that everyone deserves respect. We do not tolerate racist or antisemitic attitudes or actions of any kind! We are both very proud that we obtained our marriage license on the anniversary of the abolition of the laws preventing interracial marriage! 


All items are independently priced depending on supplies, time, and complexity of the project! Please feel free to use the orange contact me button on the home page to ask about personal pricing for your project!


This is my Home Store and everything here is made and customized by my own two often clumsy hands!

Here at BuildMeABear.Biz EVERY piece I make and sell is as individual as you are!!


Most Sincerely for Stopping by!

This is "The Gift Shop that ALWAYS Bears you in mind!"

Remember to Have FUN while you shop and let your imagination run wild!

Most Everything here is customizable with just a quick click of theBlinking Orange Dot in the lower left corner of the Home Page! It's a quick contact button that you can use to ask me about custom colors or pose any other questions you may have!


Here is the "Life Size Baby Dragon" it is one of the latest and greatest items completed in the shop!



It’s SUPER easy to SHOP in two ways!!



  1. Select an item you wish to purchase, and checkout using PayPal for payment. The PayPal system on my site accepts regular credit card payments as well! =0)

**Custom Ordering**  

1. Select the base pattern for a MADE TO ORDER CUSTOM ITEMS, Like items from the Bear's Pen P.A.D. or Crocheted Bears!

2. Use the FREE Personal Consultation Option to let me know what you are thinking or what you are envisioning and we will dialogue until you are satisfied with all of the design specs, colors, etc..BEFORE I begin making your item!

3. Once we settle on a design and the price for it, I will create the Couture piece especially for you and have it to you as quickly as humanly possible!


I offer the ONLY “Once in a lifetime Durability Guarantee(OLDG) that I know of in the crafting world, on all of the Hand Beaded Pens that I create!

More information on (OLDG) is available in the information section at the bottom of the home page, near the Mailing List sign up area!

God Bless you and yours, and Sincerely, Thank You again for supporting a Black and Navy Veteran owned business!

Thanks for stopping by!! =0)

Please Note that I do however solely reserve the right to refuse my services to any and all that I see fit, under any circumstances. The creations I create will not be used reflect hate, malice, discord, or any other negative purpose or intent.

God Bless and Happy Shopping!!


Please note: The majority of items I offer here in my store are created from patterns that I have purchased from other wonderful shops, many on Etsy! I do NOT at any time sell, trade, loan, exchange, or share ANY of my purchased personal patterns! I simply create the item shown, from the pattern that I own!