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THE BEARS PEN P.A.D. (Patterns Made To Order On Demand)

This Category contains the Pilot G2 Pen Patterns that I have in my library and readily available! These can be made for you usually in a very short amount of time!!

You can find all of these patterns themselves for sale throughout MANY different shops on Etsy


Come in, flip through the pages, and see the MANY MANY patterns that I have available! Theres something you like, I am sure!

When you order:

Just choose your Pen Color and the Color of your FREE Velvet Gift Bag that comes with every pen ordered!!

I have Pink,Red,Orange, Purple,Light Green,Periwinkle Blue,Hunter Green,Blue,and Pastel Yellowall available!

The FREE Velvet GIFT Bags are availabe in your choice of

Pink,Red,Brown,or Black!!

Sorry Currently out of stock on the blue.

All pens created from the PEN P.A.D. are covered by the BuildMeABear.Biz's (OLDG) Guarantee!

See more information on the GuaranteeHERE!

Turnaround time is Highly DEPENDENT on my workload and availability. =0)


Thank You for your order!