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Gnome Time Fun (Made to Order)

Hand Crocheted Gnomes

WELCOME to the BuildMeABear.Biz Gnome Land!!

Here I am VERY Proud to offer you some of my most favorite, and the very CUTEST, hand selected, selection of Gnomes! LOL!!!

These are all Made To Order and completely customizable! If you would like to make a change to colors or have another idea, please just let me know, and we will work together and get it perfect for you!

The blinking Orange Dot on the Home page is especially for contacting me for special request questions!   

All Gnomes are made on demand to match the advertised image exactly, unless otherwise requested before the order is placed. Each gnome is hand made on demand when ordered, making slight variations in areas such as exact color shading, possible. Colors also display with slight variations due to screen variances.


I am very proud to say that I LOVE MAKING Gnomes designed by Pam Pino! More than 95% of the Gnomes available to be made here, are her pattern designs!

She is an amazing Artist and Designer, and I am more than happy to make any of her wonderfully designed creations for you On Demand!

Please feel free to explore the many designs and patterns that she has available on Etsy if you would like to purchase any of her patterns for yourself!

Pam Pino Designs Etsy Shop